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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Trying to paste from one view to another with error?

Just a little quickie since it has been a while! I've come across this from time to time and find that it can be quite frustrating.....

So you want to paste something from one view to another, but get the following message:
Error - cannot be ignored - Uh Oh!

Look for the SUGGESTIONS to fix your problem in the parenthesis.....

   -The selection can’t be pasted because it is not visible in this view.
     Common causes and solutions
      The category is not visible in this view (make category visible)
    -An annotation element falls outside this view’s annotation crop
    (temporarily disable annotation cropping)<--------------------ANSWER!
     The element tagged by an annotation is not visible (check view extents and depth)


Now you are able to paste away! Be sure to use the best-for-you paste option:

Good Luck!

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