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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

AU 2012 Virtual Video on Stairs & Rails

Nice work by Robert Manna from AU2012's Virtual Class:

"Stairs and Rails in Autodesk® Revit® 2013: A Practical Primer"


This class will introduce Autodesk Revit software users to the new "stair by component" tool included in Revit 2013. We will review the basic components, how the stairs are assembled, how to edit and modify the stairs, and how to create a new stair. We will also examine some stair conditions that can be more easily addressed with the new tool. We will also will take a close look at some of the key railing enhancements in 2013 and how to use and apply them.

Key Learning Objectives

- Describe the stair components
- Model a stair that overlaps itself
- Modify a stair and create more complex conditions
- Apply the new railing enhancements to greatly improve your railings

The additional materials is available HERE
The handout is available HERE

Module 1: Introduction to Component Stairs

Module 2: Creating Stairs From Scratch

Module 3: Fine Tuning a Stair

Module 4: Intro to Railing Improvements

Module 5: Fine Tuning the Handrail

Module 6: Editing Transitions

Module 7: Working with Handrail Supports