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Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Feature List for Revit 2015

Great workup from Steve Stafford over at RevitOpEd

Big Stuff
Sketchy lines - yep, create sketchy alteration to views
Family parameter order adjustments - reorder/control parameter position
Schedules/material takeoffs - Access to Additional parameters and Grand Total customization
Revision improvements - Delete Revisions and more sketching options
View references - Reassign view reference to different view
IFC linking - Import IFC on Insert ribbon, IFC tab in Manage Links, no RFA process
Pinned element enhancements - Harder to delete pinned elements
Reinforcements for parts - Parts can host rebar (Structure)
Enhanced multi-rebar annotation - Grouping, sorting and updating of annotations (Structure)
Structural Disallow Join - Disallow/allow Joins framing and Braces (Structure)
Calculation methods for pressure drop - Haaland or Colebrook Equations, custom equations (MEP)
Tapped duct and pipe tags - Tag airflow along ducts (MEP)

Other Stuff
IFC imports - Better visual fidelity and performance and Options dialog revisions
Anti-aliasing improvements (related to Sketchy Lines)
Images in schedules - Instance and Type Image parameters can be used in schedules
Shared parameters in view titles - We can add our own parameters to view titles
Manage links dialog - Add links from Manage Links
Assembly code settings - 2010 Classification file provided or use our own
Enhanced hidden lines - View setting to govern hidden line display (Structure and MEP)
Building element analysis - Improved surface analysis and calculations (Subscription Only)
Tag improvements - Leader behavior mimics text leaders
Presentation rebar sets - Create sets to document rebar conditions better (Structure)
Reinforcement numbering - new numbering options (Structure)
Single fabric sheet placement - easy to place one sheet (Structure)
Shape Handles and Snapping - Improvements (Structure)
Setback for Structural Members - Improved adjustment (Structure)

Subtle Stuff
Ray trace usability improvements - faster, better quality and smoother
Views on sheets - Double click to Deactivate View (compliments 2014's Activate View)
Duplicate views - New naming of duplicate views
Keynoting settings - Keynote settings access easier, more obvious
Tool tips for family parameters - Create our own tool tips for parameters (max 250 char.)
Assembly code setting - Use alternate assembly code files
Tags can include new Elevation at Top Parameter (for Foundations)
Enhanced analytical model - Local Coordinate System, Loads and analytical links (Structure)
Location Line Visibility - New Graphics (Structure)
Graphical Justification - New control (Structure)
Structural section properties - Catalog for profiles allows for easier analysis(Structure)
Electrical API enhancements - Create wires, add/modify wire properties and remove vertices (MEP)
US AWWA content - New Waste Water project content(MEP)
Japan Localised electrical content (MEP)

Looking forward to it!

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