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Thursday, July 16, 2020

What's New in Revit 2021

What's New in Revit 2021

Products and versions covered



Generative Design

Leverage computing power to quickly generate and explore alternatives to a design problem based on your goals and constraints.

Enhanced Realistic Views

This feature provides a superior replacement for realistic views.

Slanted Walls

Create slanted walls and slanted curtain walls using the standard Wall tool. Slanted walls can host elements like doors, windows, electrical features, wall sweeps, and more.

Link PDF Files or Images

Link a 2D PDF file or a raster image into a 2D view for reference without increasing the size of the model or affecting performance. Then remove the file when it's no longer needed.

Electrical Circuit Naming Scheme

A flexible method for defining circuit naming schemes helps support conventions in different regions of the world.

Cloud Models in Europe

Cloud models can now be hosted on European servers.

Enable/Disable View Filters

Enable and disable view filters in the Visibility/Graphics dialog. View filter effects are turned on and off instead of adding and removing filters for the view.

New Standard 3D Rebar Shapes

You can define 3D rebar shapes by rotating the hooks at the ends of the bars, model rebar chairs (sanders) or other 3D bars, and extract full fabrication data in the schedules.

More features

Improved Revit Home

Updates to Revit Home provide a consistent experience for BIM 360 account and project navigation between Autodesk products, such as Revit and Civil 3D.

Stiffener Type

For detailed steel modeling, the Revit steel connections list now includes stiffeners. This new family type consists of one or two steel plates that reinforce a beam or column section, welded to the input beam or column.

Customized Workspace

Create a user profile that allows Revit to provide a workspace recommendation that is tailored to your work discipline and job role.

Display Contrasting Rows in a Schedule

To make a large schedule easier to read, set the Stripe Rows feature to display rows in contrasting colors.

P&ID Modeler for BIM 360 Docs

When you collaborate with others using Plant 3D, P&ID Modeler for Revit now references P&ID drawings stored in BIM 360 Document Management.

Simplified Shared Coordinates

To more easily work with linked models, you can display coordinates of linked models in the host model. These coordinates include the survey point, project base point, and internal origin.

Switchboard Circuit Quantity

Parameter names for circuit quantity on switchboards and panelboards have been improved.

Rotate Text in Tags, Section Heads

The family parameter Rotate with Component has been added to more tag categories. In addition, text rotation in section heads is improved.

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