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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Content Packs for Revit Architecture

Content Packs for Revit Architecture 2012 and Revit Structure 2012 Update 2 Now Available - The Revit Clinic

The Content Packs for Update Release 2 for both Revit Architecture and Revit Structure have been posted on their respective product pages.

To update the content, extract the .cab files to the same location as your installed content.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Legends: An overview

Pretty good post about legends over at Revit Zone.....

In this article we will take a quick overview of Legends, within Revit. Legend views are common to all flavors of Revit (Revit Architecture, Revit MEP and Revit Structure)- so once you can use it in one, you’ll be conversant with it in the others....

See post here ....

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Revit elevation bug FIX

Revit 2012 contains a bug that causes elevation marks to fail to update when their detail number parameter is updated....see link below for more information.

Elevation Fix 2012 - Home

Certification Preparation Classes

Learn from the best. The following selection of AU Virtual certification preparation classes are now available online. These classes are especially helpful if you plan to take a free certification exam at AU 2011 in Las Vegas. Additional technical and certification preparation classes will be offered during the AU 2011 Conference.

With great list of classes for preparation in many venues, go check out AU here. Get certified!

Free Autodesk Cloud Webinar

Posted By Luke over at What Revit Wants....

KarelCAD with Autodesk Australia will be presenting a FREE Webinar to showcase
the NEW Cloud Subsciption Capabilities.

We invite you to attend!

    Date:     Friday 14th October @ 10.30am AEST
    URL:     To log onto the webinar go to:
    Entry Control:     Free Entry

via email version of
KarelCAD invites you to a Cloud Webinar

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Optimal performance for Revit!!!

I've comprised a list of suggestions for optimal performance regarding Revit Architecture. These were pulled from many reading sources over the last year and have been made "standard" for my office for best practice. I hope you find them useful!

  • Regularly check and resolve Warnings. (Continue this process throughout entire project.)               
*  Manage Tab - Inquiry - Warnings
  • Ensure all paths are pathed directly to project file, not "mapped" drives.
  • All linked Revit files should also be pathed directly and then labeled "Absolute", (not relative).
*  Manage Worksets - Revit Tab - Path Type (To the right side of Saved Path Column)
  • Minimize the number of linked or imported dwg files.
*  It's best to "clean-up" dwg's before importing.
*  Turn off dwg files in perpendicular views, as it will only show as collinear lines in elevation, causing performance degradation.
*  Delete dwg's if unused or un-needed.
  • "Clean-up" all linked files before linking them. (See Linking Files/ Models handout)
*  Remove any un-used sheets, views, links, etc.
*   Purge & Audit
  • Create a family component instead of in-place families when possible, especially for repetitive components. Each in-place family has separate type attributes that Revit has to reference.
  • Families require fewer resources than groups. Groups are powerful, but updating large quantities of group instances consumes significant computing resources.
  • Where possible, avoid widespread use of voids in family geometry.
  • Remove un-needed raster images and renderings.
  • Avoid unnecessary Groups - delete from project browser.
  • Wireframe and Shading can be 3 times faster than Hidden Line or Shading w/ Edges.
  • Avoid hiding large quantities of individual elements in views.
  • Delete unused views if at all possible.
*  Adding too many views can increase overall file size even if you haven't added any geometry in them.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

a new beginning...

Hello there fellow Revit Users! I am officially adding yet another Revit blog to the public list...I know, I know another Revit Blog? What else could there be to possibly say that someone hasn't already said? Probably not much....ha

Anyway, I will be doing my best to keep all relative information in one place for all to see....perhaps this is just an organizational tool to keep my head straight (yeah right- my head?)....

Here's to the future - let's make something of it......

It's Alive in the LAB

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Autodesk Cloud

Sharing design files can be a challenge AutodeskCloud docs lets you share via the web or mobile device.

Fwd: Revit OpEd: Dept. of Reviteristics - An Opening isn't a Door

Worthy reading....will come back and read asap.....

From Steve's Blog:

Revit OpEd