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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Adding Revit text symbols like "Ø"

Quick little bit of info for adding symbols while tying in Revit...

We use Aerial (out of box for Revit) and it has all of the symbols we would need.

The following are a few, more often used, ALT-key combinations. Just hold down the ALT key and enter the four-digit code on your number pad, (not the top row of your keyboard).

ƒ = ALT +0131
™ = ALT +0153
® = ALT +0174
© = ALT +0169
° = ALT +0176
± = ALT +0177
² = ALT +0178
³ = ALT +0179
× = ALT +0215
Ø = ALT +0216
÷ = ALT +0247

For more symbols, (on your windows machine) go to:
Start> Run> charmap

You will see the Character Map window below:
(notice the keystroke suggestion in the bottom right corner)

You can use the ALT-key combination suggested,  or you can pick the character you want, hit the "Select" button and it will put it in the "Characters to copy:" space. Then you can simply hit the "Copy" button and return to wherever you are typing and paste the selected Character.


  1. Thanks, its most helpful for Revit users.

  2. Is there a way to add the center line symbol (\U+2104), the plate symbol (\U+214a) or the angle symbol (\U+2220)? The character sequence is what works in AutoCad, but it doesn't work in Revit.

    1. Jon, those would most likely have to be added to drawings as actual "symbols", not entered within character text typing. Without finding and using entirely a new font (for the entire Revit project), that has those characters in them, there is no way that I know of to have these symbols be typed as text.

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