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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Workset dialog on opening...why?

Sometimes other people (obviously not the Revit.King) create/ set-up a new project based with the office template (luckily for me, but more for THEM) and unknowingly have made a selection that brings up the "Opening Worksets" Dialog box every time you open the project. So now Revit is waiting for you to choose a workset to work in, before letting you "in" your model.....

This can be a pain if you are not wanting to select a workset every time you open the project to get started. So let's see why/ how this happens......

First off:
This is what you see when opening the project as mentioned above: (what a pain - ugh!)

While some may have use for this (large project, large teams), this project is not one of those and I do not want to have to do this step every time I open the project. I want it to open to the almighty "Open and close from this view" drafting view.

Next up:
This is the typical "Save" (aka "Save As") for first time save after worksets have been enabled:

This is usually the preferred method for our office (but changing the maximum backup #)

Somehow along the way, someone has made the mistake of saving this workshared project with this selection (SPECIFY) having been made before completion of save......oooops

Now, to correct this problem (if it is one for you or your firm):

EASY FIX: ------all you have to do is "Save As" from any of the local projects (**MAKE SURE ALL USERS ARE OUT OF THE MODEL**).

Select the correct settings that best fit your needs.