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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

In place families to Component Families

Hello all,
    Do you have some awesome in-place families (you should!) that you would like to convert to normal Component families, so that you can load them into other projects?

Here's how you can save them "OUT".
  1. Obviously you have to be in the project, so open the project that has the In-Place family... 
  2. Edit the In-Place family
  3. Select all of the elements in the family
  4. Group all of these elements using the Create Group tool.  Give the Group a name.
  5. Select the Group
  6. Do not Finish Editing the In-Place family yet!
  7. Go to the 'R' button (Application Menu) - Save As - Library - Group
  8. You will notice that the file type is RFA!
  9. Save the Group somewhere.
  10. You Component Family IS the file that you just saved.

 There may be some limitations to this method, but it is still a worthwhile way of getting your awesome in-place families outside of Revit for further use.....enjoy

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